Monday, January 13, 2014



debi said...

hi debi! this is debi aka: deborah from 'threads of faith' over on xanga! do you remember me?! it's been so long, and i think your name was 'Jennelle' over there (?)... i sure hope i have the right person! i have you on my list of sites i follow here on blogger, and we may have already talked in the past about this ... my life has been a bit crazy to say the least, this past year! i've been trying to find all the people i was following on xanga to let them know where i am! the new xanga is terrible, and who wants to pay $50 for a site you can't get any help with! seems the xanga 'team' has disappeared!

anyway, if you see this and remember me, please stop over and follow me! i've been away for a few months due to family circumstances, but i'm trying to get my blogging going again!

i haven't imported my files from xanga here yet ... not quite sure how to even begin, but i do have another 'threads of faith' blog on wordpress and was able to import them there just fine. if you can tell me how to do it here, please do!

i'm also on facebook (Debi Smith) with a group of friends from xanga, and if you're there, i'd love for you to join me, too!

by the way, kyla is gorgeous!! i have two cats, myself ... wouldn't want to be without them either! you have a blessed week, and i hope to see you soon! :)

fauquet said...

Thank you Denbi for your nice comment about our house burglarized. This leaves a bitter taste.
I see this post comes from 2014 / But I remember having commented another post ???
Hope you are well, my friend.

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