Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Kyla again!

I finally got around to downloading some pictures that have been on my camera for a month or two and thought I'd share a few with you.  

Trying to fit her big butt in a too small basket.    lol 

Same kitty, different basket!  

Last but not least, Kyla in a winter jacket.   lol

I know that she's spoiled but I can't help it, I just feel so blessed to have her [she's good company and she doesn't talk back.  lol]

As you can see, I wasn't able to get a picture of her face in the jacket [which is one I borrowed from my friends dog, to try it on her],

Do ya think she might have been a bit embarrased to be caught in the coat?   Ha!   Ha!


I did buy her a pink coat but not like the one in the picture above.    

Hope you like the pictures and aren't tired of seeing her yet!      : )



Anonymous said...

Kyla loves the baskets even when they are too small !!!:-)
I have never seen a cat wearing a coat ! I already saw a dog but not a cat . Not sure Kyla likes that !! :) Ask her !!:)
Thanks Debi for your faithful visit and this is a good idea to put the link of your post . very easy to get it.Thanks
Michel of Xanga.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think Kyla loves baskets, bags, boxes and anything else she can squeeze herself into. ha! ha!

I had never seen a cat wearing a coat until I borrowed this one to try on Kyla and then I bought her another coat that is pink and I don't know if she likes it or not [probably not! lol]

Maybe during the winter I will take her out if the snow is packed down good so that the stroller wheels will move in it and she will have her coat on her. : )



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