Thursday, December 30, 2010

A long forgotten hobby

I used to love to do cross-stitching but it's something that I haven't done for many years.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw something online that reminded me of it [couldn't even tell ya what it was right now.  lol]  

Anyways, I then decided that I had a mission and that was to find just the "the right" pattern to work on.

And after searching far and wide [okay, so I was only on Ebay but still, I looked through tons 'n tons of patterns!]     : )

So, without farther adieu ... here's the winning pattern, aren't they cute? 

When I saw these little ones, I knew immediately that was the pattern I just 'had to have';

And I was able to do a buy it now on the item and it should soon, if not already, be on it's way to me!  

There are other kitten patterns in the book as well and in time, I probably will do them too, but first ...

The babies in the picture above are going to get stitched before anything else!

It may take me months to get them done but they're so cute that if I were to work on them in May or June?   Not a problem.   lol

And ... speaking of cats, guess what?  

I'm going today up to Erie, PA which is about 45-50 miles or so from where I live,

'N will be looking for a kitten or a cat to bring home and I am so excited that I can hardly stand it!

This is one of the cats that I saw a picture of and want to go and look at, she's a 2 year old female and so cute.

It probably should go without saying that if I do find one today, there will definitely be pictures posted on here soon.   

Have a wonderful day!



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Have a wonderful day!