Friday, October 15, 2010

Need to get busy

Even though it's a rainy/dreary kind of day, I still have much that I want to get done so am making a list to help stay on track.

Most likely I'll update and add more through-out the day.

  • Bag things up to give to charity
  • Declutter 10 papers [at the very least!]
  • Clean off one shelf on bed/unit
  • Clean out brushes on sweeper
  • Do one page in my junque journal

  • Do breathing treatment [a.m.]
  • Put clock back up on wall
  • Declutter 10 bookmarks
  • Clean 10 things out of dresser
  • Put papers away [our town/historical stuff]

Have a nice day, friends!


Anastasia said...

making lists for any reason (to do list, grocery list, etc) really, really does help. even if you can't conquer the entire to do list, but managed to get through most of it, that's an accomplishment and still makes you feel good.

i don't ask people for their pictures when i take action shots. that's where the long lens comes in handy. in the 100 strangers project, you have to ask for permission to take their photos as well as ask for their names and anything else about them (in a 10 - 15 min time frame). so that's how you would know if i asked someone for their pictures or not...their names (with some tidbit about them) would be mentioned in the blog post.

Anastasia said...

i forgot to mention...i usually take photos of strangers in the most open and public place like at a park or at a fair/festival or something if i don't ask. even though a place of business is a public place, i feel kinda awkward and don't want to offend the workers or customers...if i do, i usually make sure that the people have their faces turned away from the camera or make sure that they're too faraway to identify. i usually only take pictures of my friends/family when i'm at restaurants or other small confined spaces/busineses because they're fine with me taking candid or posed pictures.

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