Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kindle Fire Tablet


This is a picture of the Kindle Fire.   It is so awesome, easy to use and a lot can be done on it.  

I already had a Kindle and will keep that for doing my reading, but this Kindle [Fire], I will use for other things mostly.  

A lot of times I want to get online for only a few minutes but when I get on my laptop, I lose track of time ... this is something that is easy to pick up and put down and since it does run on a battery, I am more careful with how long I stay on it.   : )

The link below will tell you about the Kindle Fire and what all it can do.   It is amazing!




Click below


Anonymous said...

This is simply amazing and I bet you can read and post xanga entries with it . One of my son has an iPad ( tablet ) and it looks like Kindle fire tablet .
I feel a bit behind when I see those new devices .
Congrats Debie for this purchase and thanks to keep me informed .
Michel ( of xanga )

Anonymous said...

RYC: Finally you are rid of this bloody pain in your shoulder and after a long period of suffering, the doctor decided that surgery which has been successful. As you say, now a good physical therapy is needed to regain strength and effective range of motion with the shoulder.
I am happy, Debby, this is all cleared.
And thank you for your kind words of your comment.
Michel of Xanga

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