Friday, October 28, 2011

This is my house!

I'm posting this picture to show my friend, Michel, what my house looks like.    : )

My apartment is on the second floor and is the next to the last window over.       

We have had no snow yet, this picture was taken about a year or so ago.    Soon it will be winter again though, I'm afraid.    


The picture above is of the street going to my house.    As you can see, my house is about one block from where I live at [you can see my building in the picture.]

This too is an older photo [see how old the cars are?   lol]   

Still, everything looks the same in the picture like it was then.    This is Diamond Street and just before my building, the street turns into Central Avenue which is the street that I live on. 

I hope you like the pictures okay.     I will have to share more for you to see because I know how much I enjoy seeing all of your pictures you post on your blog!

My love to you and Janine.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Debi to show us your home in this nice building . So we locate you better .
The street is wide and without traffic jam ( at least when the photo has been taken ).
I see a kind of green at the end of the street . Is it a park ?
You are kind . Pictures speak much.
Thanks again
Michel of xanga.

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Hi Michel,

You are welcome for the pictures, I am so happy to show them to you!

Where you see the green at the end of the street is not really the end of the street but it looks like it is.

We have a lot of trees in our town and in fact, we have been named "Tree City, USA" for 20 years in a row. I do not know what all that is about why or anything but did see that in our newspaper before.

You mentioned a park and there is a park that is right in front of the building that I live in but it wasn't there when the picture was taken.

It is very close to where I live at and I can see it from my window and it's close enough if I wanted to yell "Bonjour" out my window to someone in the park, they could hear me. lol



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