Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I couldn't stop myself, I tried ... !

Kindle 3 with free 3G Wireless and Wi-fi

I am so excited because yesterday I ordered the Kindle 3 [in white] with the free 3G Wireless.  Woo hoo!

This is something I'd been doing a lot of research on lately and finally I couldn't stand it any more ...

I wanted it ... I really, really wanted it!

What I had been recently doing is reading ebooks with the Kindle app on my iPod Touch.

It's the most that I've read in quite a long time as it's just so convenient to do.

No more heavy or awkward books or the bookmark falling out and losing my place.   Yea!

So if it's so great, why don't I just keep reading on my iPod?   

Well, I guess for me, the main reason is that the screen is bigger than on my iPod.

Also, when looking at the Kindle, it looks like a piece of paper and no glare on the screen.

Do I advocate getting rid of all print books?   Oh my goodness, no!

I still love print books and God forbid in case of a major emergency and no electric?    Print books would be priceless to have.  

Now, I'm not saying that  you need to have electric to read a Kindle because that is not true;

What I was referring to is if there were ever a national emergency and no power, it couldn't be charged is all.

Chances of that are slim, I realize but wanted to make it clear that any book burning parties would not be a good thing.   lol

Have a nice day!

 P.S.   I'll update at a later time to let you know how I like the Kindle which I'm sure that I will!


fauquet said...

I suppose this Kindle is like an e.pad, a electronic book .

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Michael, yes - a Kindle is an electronic book reader from Amazon.

I absolutely love it!

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