Monday, January 31, 2011

What a rip-off!

Whisker World 43'' Tri-Level Rest Stop Cat Tree

This cat tree is way smaller than it looks, and I'm so disappointed with my purchase.

Kyla is just 6 months old and the shelves on this are not as big as they look in the picture.   

She gets on it once in awhile so I guess if she gets on it and uses it some then it's worth it.   

If you want my opinion, save your money - this is cheaply made and is for small kittens, not for grown cats.

Kyla is not a big cat at all, in fact, she's on the petite side and she has a hard time with it needing to be bigger! 

As I said    save . your . money  ... it's not worth the price which was $69.95.   

I'd return this to where I bought it from [online] but if I do, since I got free shipping, they'd charge me for the shipping costs.

By the time they did that, pay the cost to ship it to me out of my refund, I wouldn't have much left so may as well keep it.     Lesson learned! 

Did writing this solve anything?    Nope but complaining about it did make me feel better anyways!

Quick update:   Kyla, once getting used to this - seems to love it and uses it quite a bit.     

It does seem pretty sturdy but then please keep in mind that she is a small cat;

Not sure how it'd do for a cat who weighs more ... 

I still by all accounts think it is cheaply made but as I said, if you have a kitten or a small cat, it'd be okay.

Bottom line is, I've changed my mind and am glad that I bought this for her after all. 


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