Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh, those adorable cats!


fauquet said...

I have been happy to read your comment ,Debi and I thank you . You speak of elevator instead of lift but in England they say lift .
yes the photographer cut the identity photos with a big trimmer . I had been very surprised and so I asked him if he cut the heads !!:-D
Thise cats are gebius THE ONE STDY PICTURE ANDthe other works with the sswing machine . You have precious helpers .
Love {v}
love {v}

fauquet said...

Please ,read those cats are genius . (typing mistake )

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Don't feel bad about typing mistakes [I make them all the time. lol]

I wanted to make sure you know, those cats in the picture aren't mine, I found the picture online somewhere. : )

If you go to this blog post, you'll see a picture of my new cat.

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