Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back in the day ...


A few days ago, I found 2 issues of Country Living magazine in the lobby in the building that I live in;

Residents share with each other and someone had put the magazines there for that reason.

They looked interesting to me, so I gathered them up and decided to look through one while having my morning coffee,

and I've gotta tell ya, I'm so glad that I did [pick them up to read!]

I love reading and hearing about things in the old days and in this issue, there was a picture of an old ice box.

I loved it!   I had heard of an ice box but I had never seen what one of them looked like!

Some who read this may also have never seen one before so I searched online and found a few images to share with ya.

This is an antique wooden ice box

and below are pictures of one that is on sale at Ebay right now, this is an early 1900's model but instead of wood, is made out of metal.

The ice goes in the top [see pic below]

and below shows the lazy susan where the refrigerated items went.

Pretty cool, huh?!   


fauquet said...

The antique furniture or object give nostalgy ?. We imagine the people who were around them or used them .
Love {v}

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