Sunday, December 26, 2010

Please be careful if ...

For those who are in the areas where the Nor'easter is hitting, please, if you must go out ... BE CAREFUL!  

Just saw where they are telling people, if they don't have to go out then to please do not do it.  


Sharon said...

Yes you are right, your post fonts won't change. Sorry I didn't make that clear. But when you go to your design page, then click on the template designer then click on advance. As you know this is where you can change all your colors and fonts on you blog.That is where you will see them. So really no need to change your post so much. But maybe they will get to that later if enough peope request it.

Debi @ Tuesdays Child said...

Got it and thanks so much!

Actually, I did list last night after getting my message from you and it was the same as it was before.

Just tried it again now and they were all there. : )

Wish there were a way to be able to use some of these fonts in our posts but not to have to change the entire blog to that font. Maybe that'll come next [I hope!]

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