Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday's List

     Just making a short list for now but plan on adding to the list as I get the things on it done and crossed off. 

        • Give new cell # to Frank
        • Call and check on Betty
                • Clean off table
                • Put TVP away
                • Finish coaster set
                    • Clean off top of chest
                    • Look up Rog's address
                    • Put laundry away
                    • Clean kitchen sink
                    • Clean off counters
                    • Check swagbucks for gc
                    • Look for other board book 
                    • Finish book I'm reading
                    • Give Jay new cell phone #  -  John
                    • Work on my list for next week
                    • Send Kee my new cell phone
                        • Delete 10 images not needed
                        • Delete 10 e-mails not needed
                        • Address Jason's birthday card
                        • Find a birthday card for Rog



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