Monday, September 27, 2010

Inchies, Twinchies and true sizes

Examples of Twinchies

I found the pic above and many more @ Photobucket  and I thought they were great examples of showing what inchies and twinchies look like.

This weekend I was looking at different scrapbooking punches, deciding that I'd like to maybe start making some inchies or even a twinchie, right?

So, I was l@@king on ebay for a 2" square punch and I did find one, but ...

Though the item was described as a 2" square punch, in the description it said that it only punched 1 1/4 inch squares. 

Beware of true size conflict!

Marvy Uchida 2" Super Jumbo Square Paper Punch

Thinking there must be a mistake, I e-mailed and asked the person who had the item listed and guess what?

The description was accurate and the person who had it listed thought it was confusing as well but she described it just as was on the package.

I was hoping there was a mistake because I would have loved to have had this punch but ya can't make twinchies with only a 1 1/4" square.    lol

Maybe I  should file this under the category of 'hmmm ... really?!' or 'What was Marvy thinking?'

Was this important enough of a thing to blog about?   Perhaps.  Perhaps not.

One thing for sure is that I know I would have been upset if I were to have bought it and it didn't punch 2" squares, I imagine others would be upset as well.

I hope that with my blogging this, it'll save someone else from the stress of getting a different size punchie than they expected.

And, after all this?    I've decided that it probably would be alot cheaper to get some circle or square drafting templates to use.  

I could have tons of sizes between one and three inches and it would save a ton of money instead of buying individual punches.

Update:  I called the Marvy company and apparently all of their punches are measured diagonally and so that is why the conflict in sizes.

I asked customer service to please bring the fact to someone that - in my opinion anyways, is most deceptive.

WHY would any reference to 2" on the package when the people buy them for size of the punch out, not for how the whole thing measures.  Duh!

I myself will not be buying any Marvy punches from now on or at least until they change the way they do their measuring or market their sizes ... whichever.

Have a nice day, friends!


fauquet said...

Simply to say hello,Debi.
I don' t hear much about Inchies,twinchies !!! :)
A bit complicated for me and my poor English !

fauquet said...

Hello Debie ? No new post? I hope all is alright for you .
I am glad your enjoyed my recap.
Snow ? No usually we have much for 13 years ? In the far past there was more of it .
I wish to you a happy New Year , Debie .
I visited your You Tube today but I don' t think I saw something new . I thank you for your comment there when I play in duo with my grandson.

fauquet said...

I have been happy to read your comment ,Debi and I thank you . You speak of elevator instead of lift but in England they say lift .
yes the photographer cut the identity photos with a big trimmer . I had been very surprised and so I asked him if he cut the heads !!:-D
But Debi , you don' t post. You say in your comment you live no far from Canada ? You can speak of your area . It always is interesting to know where people livve.
love {v}

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